Yesterday's Britain, Today.

La JohnJoseph is a British born, American educated artist, who works at the intersection of artist film and live performance, investigating the convergence of social class, gender identity, and religious faith in the matrices of social power. A maker of contemporary relics, La JJ explores materiality as a conduit for the immaterial, they use personae to dismantle notions of fixity, and camp to usurp the natural. For the past five years, La JJ has also performed in the guise of their own "identical twin brother," Alexander Geist.

La JJ has presented performance work across the UK including the Royal Opera House, The Bristol Old Vic, HOME, and the Southbank Centre, as well as internationally, at MoMA (SF), Dixon Place (NY), Deutsche Oper and Martin-Gropius-Bau (Berlin), Fancy Him (Tokyo), La Java (Paris) and the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Niterói (Rio). They have contributed to group shows in Berlin, London and Manchester, and to literary anthologies in the UK and US.

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Cover of Everything Must Go

La JohnJoseph is a writer whom Dazed calls one of the "literary rebels you need to know." Their writings reflect their central investigation of gender, sexuality, and memory, and cover contemporary art, cinema, and pop culture, with a special interest in classic Hollywood, and queer readings of the canon.

La JJ's first novel, "Everything Must Go" (ITNA Press, 2014) is a viciously absurd road trip across a psychedelic post-apocalyptic landscape. Likened to Cathy Acker and Ronald Firbanks, it was nominated for the LAMBDA Literary award for best Trans Fiction, as well as the Polari First Book Prize.

The author of five theatre pieces, including "Boy in a Dress", La JJ has also written one libretto, and keeps a blog as central part of their practice, documenting projects in development. A regular online contributor for iD, The Independent, Sleek, and The Guardian, their writings have also appeared in Time Out, Attitude, Amuse, Huffington Post, Siegessaule, Parterre de Rois, Out There, and the ‘zines Birdsong, Fat Zine, 21st Century Queer Artists Identify Themselves, and Not Here. Their most recent contribution is the short story, "2D Joan's Dirty Money", which is part of the collection "Dark Habits" (forthcoming from Cornerhouse).


Email: hello@lajohnjoseph.com


Underclass Hero (2010)

(Image by Adrian Lourie)

You Are Boring (2015)

(Dir. Vika Kirchenbauer)

Practically Royalty (2015)

(Image: Bruce Atherton and Jana Chiellino)

Weimar New York (2008)

(Image by Liz Liguori)

Notorious Beauty (2008)

(Image by Ves Pitts)

I Happen To Like New York (2009)

(Image by Akif Hakan)

Cover Her Face (2014)

(Image: Leon Csernohlavek)

Alexander Geist (2015)

(Image Manuel Moncayo)

Vissi d’ arte (2009)

(Image AbsolutQueer)

Underclass Hero (2010)

(Image: Stevie Hanley)

An Illustrated History of Longing (2009)

(Image: Jeffrey Gordon Baker)

BoyfriendRobotique (2005)

Gay Icon (2007)

(Image: Legs Malone)